Underwater Cutting

No two metal cutting projects are the same. But whether the project involves slicing metal tanks above ground, or cleaving conductor pipes or platform legs undersea, the diamond wire cutting process is handled similarly. BTC undersea diamond wire saw projects also involve careful pre-engineering to determine the best cutting and removal plan to efficiently complete your project.

Most BTC undersea metal cutting applications employ the push method of diamond wire saw cutting, where the saw is guided along a track and the spinning wire is pushed through the metal structure. Depending on the situation, an above ground metal cutting project might use either the push or pull cutting methodology.

The mechanical, diver-friendly BTC saws yield faster, spark-free results, making them an ideal replacement for thermal cutting methods. Vibration free, the BTC saws produce smooth cut edges. Additionally, they are easily converted to remote operated vehicle (ROV) use, eliminating the need for divers and generating a dramatic improvement in safety. 
*BTC I-Beam Saw is Patent Pending

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