Heavy Industrial

CE diamond wire saws have been flush cutting motor pads in paper mills and industrial plants for over 15 years.  Smooth cuts to floors allow safe walkways when complete or expedite preparations for new pads.

Cianbro-GNP Paper Mill Shutdown

Millinocket ME

Diamond core drill and wire saw large foundations and floor sections, running 6 wire saws and multiple drills around the clock; very timely performance. 

FMI Gold Mine Operations


Provided diamond wire equipment, special wires and technical training on multiple occasions for cutting large concrete structures at a 10,000 foot elevation. 

Morris Foreman Wastewater Plant

Louisville KY

Sewer removal – it's a dirty job but someone has to do it. A job in Louisville, Kentucky required special people who did not mind doing something a little dirty and unique to get the project finished. 
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Waste Water Collection System

Detroit MI

Wire Sawing Opens Up Wastewater Facility to Increased Flow: Large-Diameter Tapered Hole Links Underground Tanks
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Miami Valley Hospital

Dayton OH

Reinforced concrete staircase removal – done quietly to avoid disturbing adjacent patient care and operating rooms.
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