Our specialized diamond wire saws have been cutting AAR slots in dams, removing discharge rings and cutting stators for over 15 years.

Mactaquac Generating Station Dam

New Brunswick, Canada

Stress Relief for Big Dams: Wire Sawing Relieves Concrete Stress Caused by AAR. 25-meter deep wire saw cut made in dam spillway. 
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TVA Fontana Dam Slot Cuts

Fontana NC

Large diameter wire saw cuts made in transverse sections of dam to relieve stress (AAR); wire lengths of 400 linear feet and cuts up to 100 feet deep. 

Voith-Dominion Bath Co. Pumped Storage

Warm Springs VA

Diamond core drill 14 inch diameter x 25 foot deep precision holes for 6 unit, 6 year project; also wire sawing of pads and excavation for new sole plates.