Cutting Edge Services is the recognized leader in segmenting steam generators, with 14 SG's diamond wire cut in the past 15 years.  We have also flush cut hot and cold legs to bottom of vessels, segmented fuel racks and made numerous cuts in RCS heavy wall stainless piping. Our systems are remote operated and work with limited water misting.  Drilling and wire sawing of bioshield walls and other heavy concrete sections are part of our services.

ENSA Westinghouse Entergy SG Cuts


Precision diamond wire sawing mock-up and 2 steam generator shells, 14’ diameter with 7” wall thickness. Cuts had to be coplanar within ½” and no welded attachments allowed on vessel.

Battelle JN-3 D&D

West Jefferson OH

Diamond core drilling and wire sawing of large bioshield walls; slurry collection and water recycle system; rigging attachments. Saved DOE $270,000.
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Fluor 233S Bldg D&D

Hanford WA

Diamond core drilling and wall sawing of two-story structure; very strict airborne controls and water recycle; first ever open-air demo of a plutonium process facility.

SMUD Rancho Seco SG Cuts


Diamond wire saw cutting of huge steel steam generator vessels in place, including several thousand steel tubes in each slice. Also cut off lower nozzles; completed project on time in spite of difficult access with extremely low usage of cooling water.