How It Works

First, we meticulously detail the unique demands of your large scale cutting or drilling process.

Our team of engineers develops CAD schematics to pre-plan each cut and direct the work on-site in a specific order. This minimizes time and expense while maximizing efficiency and safety. 

The diamond-wire cutting system is the key to the process of cutting heavy, concrete structures.

We are leading the way with state-of-the-art high-cycle electric wire saws; the larger WS-50 is 50 HP; the smaller WS-30 is 25 HP.   These new generations saws have an auto-feed system that take up 89' of diamond wire in the larger saw.   Operator intervention is minimal, leaving time to perform other tasks on your job.  Being all-electric, there is no hydraulic fluid!

The primary hydraulic motor with direct mounted wire saw wheel moves along a track guided by a hydraulic-driven rackand-pinion drive.

Our standard modular hydraulic wire saws have a drive wheel on a carriage with rack and pinion drive, providing wire take-up.  The operator can run wire in either direction and vary the speed.  The wire can be guided by transition brackets and pulleys that re-orient the wire from one plane to another, accommodating different cutting angles. 

When powered by one of Cutting Edge Services’ 50 horsepower power units, the diamond wire cuts cross-sectional areas at a rate of 1–3 square meters per hour.

These power sources produce high-flow hydraulic power for both drive motors. Two bi-directional valves yield easy, single handle operation. Users guide main drive speed and direction—both clockwise and counter-clockwise—and set the speed and direction of the rack drive’s stroke via these controls. 

To filter out heavy solids, we’ve designed a proprietary water-slurry recycling filtration system with upper and lower drums connected to an air-operated diaphragm pump.

Particles as large as 100 microns and as small as 5 microns are removed, and the water is returned to the cutting operation for reuse.