Whether cutting tendons, segmenting floating bridges or removing bridge piers, our diamond wire solutions are second to none. CE underwater self-clamping wire saws operate remotely and utilize continuous loop wires.

I-65 Pier Cuts

Louisville, KY

Proprietary CE underwater saw, "BIG RED", made several underwater cuts in 100" diameter steel-cased piers.  This self-clamping saws made each cut in 5-6 hours.
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BORCO Sunken Pier


Break in the Bahamas: Cutters Head to the Caribbean to Wire Saw Sunken Pier. Diamond wire saw system deployed to cut damaged pier sections. 
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Kiewit-General Hood Canal Bridge

Poulsbo WA

Diamond core drilling and wire sawing large piers, above and below tidewater; containment of slurry and recycle water; fast-track performance on-time. 
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Palmetto-Tidewater Cooper River Bridge

Charleston SC

Diamond core drill, wire saw and Brokk demo of 8 longitudinal restraint blocks that were temporary structures supporting the record-breaking, cable stayed bridge.