Specialty Drilling & Cutting

Cutting Edge Services specializes in developing unique solutions for particularly unusual drilling and cutting projects, including intricate drilling to support diamond wire sawing, and to create mechanical penetrations in new or existing facilities. We invite you to view representative clients and projects.

For specialized projects that require the boring of large holes in concrete, particularly those with an unusual angle of approach, we offer large-scale core drilling. Similar to drilling done on a small scale— with a metal cylinder capped with a diamond embedded bit, mounted to an arbor—the ability to bore 12–30 inch diameter holes through 25-foot thick reinforced concrete takes special expertise and careful engineering.

Ideal for decommissioning of pipes and metal shapes in pools, hand-held pole saw technology incorporates a saw connected to the end of a variable-length pole. Cutting blades are offered in a variety of substrates, including diamond-carbide and other abrasives. Powered by either hydraulic or water motor systems, the mobile pole saws may be guided independently by the operator, or secured to the metal object to be cut via a proprietary clamping mechanism