Diamond-Wire Concrete Sawing
Every concrete cutting job is unique. That's why our engineering team develops a coordinated, visually-delineated plan to be followed on the job site to maximize efficiency while minimizing the time needed to complete your project.
Concete Sawing
Diamond-Wire Metal/Undersea Cutting
No two metal cutting projects are the same. But whether the project involves slicing metal tanks above ground, or cleaving conductor pipes or platform legs undersea, the diamond wire cutting process is handled similarly.
Metal/Undersea Cutting
Worldwide Clients
Global Map
Clients around the globe rely on us for complex projects to be completed on time and in budget. See clients and projects.
Steam Generator Cutting
The efficiency of SG segmentation is rapidly growing as we continue to innovate changes in diamond wire cutting for steam generators and related heavy components. Twelve years of experience puts us ahead of the curve in meeting your needs.
Steam Generator Cutting
Specialty Drilling / Cutting
Cutting Edge Services specializes in developing unique solutions for particularly unusual drilling and cutting projects, including intricate drilling to support diamond wire sawing, and to create mechanical penetrations in new or existing facilities.
Core Drilling
Robotic Demolition
Remotely controlled demolition robots have become increasingly popular to protect operators from hazardous working environments.
Robotic Demolition

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